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Macintosh ED DOVE enhanced

Another conquest. A Macintosh ED. Sold as not working. Picked it up for 30 euro (around US $35,- )


What did I learn from this sale.

1) If sold as not working it will probably don’t work……


So what did I do. In a hurry to test I decied to test it at my mothers house who I was visiting. So I power it up and heared the monitor. Then the light went out. All of them. So it was not only not working but also giving a short circuit.

We had to find the place where we could enable the fuses agian with the light of my iPhone.


What to do after that. Yes I did brought my 15″ Tork. I had it in the car, just in case.Opend it up and looked insight.

And this is the inside. Not strange that it was not working.

So lesson number 2.

2) Open up the case first and do a visual inspection.


It is although an nice machine. A plaquete with DOVE enhanced is place on it. The SCSI cable is made in the battery compartment (battery is still in place….removed it right away of cource).


Here are the pictures.





















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