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FTP server on a Macintosh 512K with 1MB memory and a 800K disk drive.

TCP/IP services on old Mac’s have always my interest. After running a web server on my Plus I shifted to a FTP server on my Macintosh 512K. This Mac has 1024 K memory on board and a 800K disk drive. It is able to run System 6.0.8 at maximum. Even  booting with minimal boot disk with System 7.0 is not possible.
The 512K is connected to an AppleTalk network bij a DaynaPort EhterPrint localtalk convertor. This makes it able to connect the LocalTalk printer port to Ethernet. There is not TCP/IP bridging possible so I have to use IPNetrouter on my Quadra as bridge.

As FTP server I’m using the build in one in NCSA Telnet 2.7b4. You can start it under Edit / Preferences / FTP Server. I’m using it with no users and no password. This is the second choice.
It boots at the background.



Now you can connect to the server on the IP adres where it is running. In my case it is I’m using the standard ftp client on my Slackware Linux box…. command line…ftp.




As you can see it connect and you see a directoy listing. Up and downloads also work. Connecting with a web browser also works, but not all the time:




The program needs 540K to work with but I tested it also with 200K. I guess it must be also possible to run it on a standard 512K.

I made some small php scripts to interact with the server. This is very stable. Maybe I will try to build or reengenier a compleet up and download agent for this server in php one day!

You can test it yourself  if you go with your browser to:

You can edit a file and upload it to the FTP server. It will be nice if visit the pages and leave a note…

I will leave the 512Ke online this weekend. If an error occurs I have to restart the FTP server.. so don’t expect high preformance!


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