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ElWhip, a web server for a Mac 512K…or less…

Works beautiful. I tested first with a serial cable and Mac Terminal to see if it works. That was OK. I could see the console. So I was sure I have valid connection .

I checked with echo TEST > /dev/ttyS1 to see which tty I’m on….. TEST showed up in Mac Terminal on ttyS1

I set up ppp:

[root@station10 ppp]# cat /etc/ppp/options

asyncmap 0

[root@station10 ppp]# cat /etc/ppp/options.ttyS1

# Baud rate of the connection. ElWhip uses 19200.
# Don’t use the modem control lines.
# Try to reopen the connection it it is terminated.
# Don’t require the peer to authenticate.
# Disable negotiation of Van Jacobson style IP header compression.
# IP address to be given to peer.
# IP address of the DNS server for the peer.
# Enables IP forwarding on linux
# Add an entry for the peer to this system’s ARP table.

Checked forwarding. My Red Hat / Centos system it is in /etc/sysctl

[root@station10 ppp]# cat /etc/sysctl.conf |grep forward

# Controls IP packet forwarding

net.ipv4.ip_forward = 1

Then run pppd

[root@station10 ppp]# pppd -d ttyS1

Then I started ElWhip and you this in messages log:

Jan 21 23:40:04 station10 pppd[5369]: pppd 2.4.4 started by root, uid 0
Jan 21 23:40:05 station10 pppd[5369]: Using interface ppp0
Jan 21 23:40:05 station10 pppd[5369]: Connect: ppp0 <–> /dev/ttyS1
Jan 21 23:40:23 station10 pppd[5369]: found interface eth0 for proxy arp
Jan 21 23:40:23 station10 pppd[5369]: local IP address
Jan 22 16:40:23 station10 pppd[5369]: remote IP address

That means you have a ppp connection to the 512K
I added a static route in my router via with netmask is the ppp host where the pppd daemon is.

Start a browser and see this:



Some more pictures:

foto 3 foto 1 foto 2


Read more about the project on Epooch page and M68kmla

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