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I recently bought a AsantéTalk box.

It is not so simple to get it working in my network:

A Macinstoh SE, Basilisk II emulation, Netatalk on FreeBSD.


I think it has to do with the way you start up everything, but I didn’t find the correct way to do it. Sometimes I see the box ( and the Mac SE it is connected to) but most times not.

The only time it really worked was when I started up Netatalk first and then the AsantéTalk box, but I first had pull of the power plug and put it back on….. then I did see them. I attach a picture.

My question is:


– What is happening here?

– How to start up everything so it will work right away?




I first boot the Netatalk instance and then the AsanteTalk. Then of it doesn’t show up I power down and power up again the AsanteTalk box.
Then I see it!

I found a better manual today. It has a FAQ with this power up power down problem mentioned.

It can be found on:…ls/ATALK_UM.pdf



AsantéTalk Power-Up Sequence
Q: Is there an approved power-up sequence for the AsantéTalk?
A: Yes. In general, turn on all LocalTalk devices first: printers,
laptops and desktop computers. After these are all functioning, do
EITHER of the following:
If the AsantéTalk will be connected to an existing Ethernet network,
connect the silver Ethernet cable to a hub, bridge, or
router, and power up the AsantéTalk. If the AsantéTalk will be
connected to a computer, connect the yellow crossover cable
to both AsantéTalk and computer, power up the AsantéTalk,
THEN power up the computer.
Q: All my devices are on the same power strip. When I start up my
computer in the morning, it doesn’t “see” my printer. Why?
A: For each LocalTalk device to be accessible via AsantéTalk, ALL
LocalTalk devices–including the printer and computer systems–
must be powered up first. This will enable the AsantéTalk to see
each LocalTalk node.
Q: How long does it take for the AsantéTalk to power up?
A: It takes approximately 15 seconds for AsantéTalk to boot and
become an active node.
Q: Why can’t my PowerBook be seen on the LocalTalk network
when I plug it into the network in the morning?
A: During its power-up sequence, the AsantéTalk polls the LocalTalk
network for any available nodes. Nodes that are added after
the AsantéTalk is powered on may not be seen. Power off the
AsantéTalk for 30 seconds, then reconnect power to resolve this
Q: During the boot process of the computer (when connected
directly to the AsantéTalk), the green LED labeled “LI” (Link Integrity)
on the AsantéTalk will flash repeatedly. What causes this?
A: The AsantéTalk is attempting to auto-negotiate with the computer.
AsantéTalk does not support Ethernet auto-negotiation. Always
power up the AsantéTalk BEFORE booting the computer.

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