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a Mac 128K and a keyboard…..


Just blow’n away some dust and started up my Mac 128K. Booting alright with Finder 1.0! But I noticed a strange behaviour of my keyboard, a M0110 B. The qwerty range and second row are allright, but the last row has shifted one character!

So the \ is a z, the x a c, the c is a v, etc.
Is there some kind of keyboard setting I’m missing?

Yes! There is! You can change local settings for another keyboard.So here is the solution also for future generations….

This is what I did. I downloaded disk image Utilities 2 from the Boston Computer Society.
This was done on my Baselisk II virtual machine. I mounted the disk an copied Localizer to my Quadra over Appletalk. There I copied it on a 800K disk, because all my 400K disk gave a copy error -2….
The 800k disk was put in a SE and Localizer copied to the hard disk. The finaly I copied Localizer to the 400K disk with Finder 1.0.

Localizer runs fine in System 1.0. When opening it says:

The Macintosh Localizer 1.2

You can use the Localizer to change the keyboard routine and the intrenational resources that are part of the System file on the application disk.

After you select the options the Localizer, in my case United Kingdom, the system disk ejects and you will be asked to insert the disk which has to be localized.
You can just insert the same system disk and click on OK. It will be localized and you can insert another one, if you want. You can also stop Localizer if you click on Quit.

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